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Saturday, March 8, 2008

In Italy, the protesting of incineration of toxic waste (see video)

Nero Prodi and the eco-bales

Toxic waste, expired medicines or even radioactive waste. Burning them would mean speeding up the death sentences for the people living in the Acerra area, as well as others nearby. As a matter of fact, the area is already being called ...
Beppe Grillo's Blog -

When will the Paso del Norte region get tired of being lied to and demand the truth

ASARCO illegally burned SECRET toxic/hazardous waste, some with military sources, during the 1990's - and then this was kept secret from us for eight more years after the Federal Department of Justice and EPA made a secret agreement with that company.

To this day we have not been told what the EPA (and TCEQ) are hiding here. It is in our water, our aquifer, our soil and our air.

Late last year the EPA and UTEP made a memorandum-of-understanding (agreement) so that UTEP will do public health and environmental studies under the EPA. Is this more cover-up?

When will the Paso del Norte region get tired of being lied to and demand the truth of what happened here? Our children deserve to know what happened even if people are afraid to face it. There can be no clean-up or health or true environmental science until this BIG LIE has been exposed.

It is time for all of us to ask what it is - what the toxic waste is that no one will talk about.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

ASARCO, G.Gordon Liddy's Daughter and TX HB 433 in January 2003

TXHB 433 read: "... ecological terrorist organization" means two or more persons organized for the purpose of supporting any politically motivated activity intended to obstruct or deter any person from participating in an activity involving activity involving natural resources." ("Activity involving natural resources" means any lawful activity involving the use of a natural resource with an economic value, including mining...or processing [i.e. smelting] natural resources.")

That ALEC task force had an ASARCO executive for its private sector chairman
when it wrote those words; and, it had G.Gordon Liddy's daughter (yes, the same guy from the Watergate break-in during the Nixon years) as its director (Sandy Liddy Bourne). She continues to work at ALEC in a new job, higher up, she co-publishes on her dad's website and has him speak at ALEC events.

and also (ALEC Battle of the States)

Handing out literature on a street corner to let people know that ASARCO El Paso burned toxic waste would fit under the above, sounds like to me. The HB 433 would have put anti-Asarco activists' name/addresses/photos into a database for three years before the persons could appeal their designation as "legal terrorists". Any organization helping them (like Get the Lead Out and others) would also be called terrorist organizations.

To read the full text of this draconian bill written quietly by the Energy, Environment and Agriculture task force in 2001-2 (and then passed to the ALEC Criminal Justice Task Force, to be then as quietly taken by the ALEC Criminal Justice Task force Legislative chairman (Rep. Allen) to his own home state of TEXAS in 2003 and passed off as a "hunting group" sponsored bill) see: