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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grupo Mexico Revamps Asarco Plan In Bid For Creditor Support,David McLaughlin 27 July 2009

"....Grupo Mexico said Monday it wants to revamp its proposed reorganization plan for Asarco in a move to secure creditor backing....A federal bankruptcy judge in Texas earlier this month said creditors could begin voting on the plans, with a voting deadline of Aug. 5. Grupo Mexico will go back to court Tuesday...."

And NO ONE is talking about the now public EPA-DOJ 1998 "confidential for settlement purposes only" document that revealed ASARCO burned illegal toxic wastes secretly for years for profit next to the Rio Grande.......

The Bankruptcy Court is not considering the liabilities from those secret toxic wastes spread over the Paso del Norte region.  The DOJ Bankruptcy Trustee has failed to require that the Court consider the liabilities from the secret toxic wastes.   The existence of these secret-wastes was CONCEALED and hidden away for eight years until an honest DOJ person released this document publicly.    This information is now in the public domain.  We know that the EPA said to the DOJ that ASARCO burned secret toxic wastes for years, for profit next to the Rio Grande (NYTimes 10/2006). 

How can this company go through Bankruptcy and the DOJ, the Court, and the EPA entirely ignore that the EPA proved massive amounts of secret toxic chemicals from both military and industrial sources were handled and burned by ASARCO in our community??

Our Rio Grande next to Asarco is the LOVE CANAL of our region.    110 years of contamination - nearly ten or more years of it being secret toxic wastes -- are now "buried" in the sediments and surrounding lands around the Rio Grande including the alluvium beneath the old American Canal.

Our State and Federal politicians are failing to ask what these toxic chemicals are.  Our community wants to know .

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