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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Asarco Bankruptcy is only part of the story...

What is coming down is a planned international city in the 15-mi toxic shadow of the El paso ASARCO smelter -- built by a developer whose top guy is now president of the USA Carlyle Realty Group.  Grupo Mexico is 20% owned by the Carlyle Group.  Grupo Mexico controls the Ferromex/UP railroad in Mexico.

This city is the first of many (the model could be "sold") that could be built in the NAFTA zone from San Diego to Brownsville -- aimed toward  the coveted target-market that lies within the 300 mile "zone" along our U.S.A. eastern seaboard.

Carlye owns CSX railroad along the eastern seaboard.

Grupo Mexico is hoping to bid and win on a 50 year contract to run the Port of Punta Colonet and the freight rail to this international city and its port of entry -- the north/south rail has already been arranged.    UP Railroad has begun to aquire the land north of this site for its modal container platform and oil storage for its east-west Sunset line --- also within the toxic shadow of the EL Paso Asarco stacks.

  • And it is all done by ignoring the illegal and secret ASARCO contamination sealed in the 1998 DOJ settlement with Asarco.
  • It is all done by sacrificing the young, the elderly and infirm living in this region to the toxic waste.
  • It is done by marginalizing those who seek to speak out, and eliminating their economic-base.
  • It is done by sacrificing people living across from the smelter in Mexico and by sacrificing Mexican Americans in this border city.
  • It is done by putting profit above health - -  and profit above scruples.
  • It is done by looking the other way and talking about "risk-assessment" when trying to link 110 years of smelting toxins to the health problems surrounding the stacks-of-asarco

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