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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Asarco AG Swiss Bank

Why is there a Swiss bank called "ASARCO AG" (Asarco SA, Asarco inc)??

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Republicans were right: Sen. Shapleigh wants to develop the Super Toxic Asarco Site

"Our community has a historic opportunity to redevelop one of the key sites in our community, the true Pass of the North," Shapleigh said.

In other communities, stadiums have been placed on Asarco riverfront properties, and in still others, research parks or other key installations have been placed.

"Due to the proximity to Mexico, the historic nature of Peace Park across the river, and the rail and access to UTEP, this site is very important to El Paso's future."

    "Incorporated herein by reference is a copy of
    an internal EPA memorandum dated June 28, 2001, which contains the
    following handwritten sentence:  "The TNRCC is concerned that the
    El Paso sampling plan doesn't undermine the ASARCO Corpus sampling
    delima (sic)."  An inescapable inference from this sentence is the
    fact that ASARCO has compromised employees of both the EPA and
    TCEQ.   Both ASARCO and the regulators are concealing certain
    ASARCO contaminants from the residents of Corpus Christi and the
    Paso del Norte Region.  Every individual who either knows, or
    should know that ASARCO's contamination is being concealed is
    exposed to both criminal and civil liability"

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

TXDOT ignores the ASARCO illegal haz-waste and plans to build elevated toll road on PAISANO...

over the water supply and right next to the ASARCO stacks, in the worst
of the worst contamination

Glencore International AG

"China's $200-billion sovereign wealth fund has added privately-held
commodities trader Glencore International AG to its roster of approved
investment partners"

(do a search within this blog for "Glencore")

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Asarco "cleaned up" and the Taxpayers "cleaned out"??

It is easy to run a profit when ignoring nearly ten years of contamination from illegal un-manifested hazardous-waste incineration without a license.

And why is there a Swiss Bank called "ASARCO AG" (Asarco SA, Asarco inc)?!

"According to The Wall Street Journal, Asarco now is flush with cash and reporting a total profit, after its bankruptcy filing, of $623.4 million. So in the end, the company is also succeeding.

"Whether this result was due to good stewardship, excellent management, higher copper prices, appropriate judicial oversight by the bankruptcy judge, extraordinary good luck, or a combination of all these factors may be debated," U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen wrote in his ruling of the case, "but the ultimate result is inarguable.""

What can the Union leverage for Jobs? To stay Silent??

... no one is talking about the confidential hazardous wastes ASARCO incinerated secretly for nearly a decade!!   Will the United Steelworkers Union continue to NOT talk about the unmanifested-secret hazardous wastes illegally smelted by Asarco for nearly a decade?  Are jobs/contract more important?

"...Lazalde and Robert Moore, an attorney representing Grupo in Asarco's bankruptcy case, met with The Republic to discuss Grupo's plans for Asarco, how it is responding to worries from community members and the status of union negotiations.

High on its to-do list is addressing concerns of the United Steelworkers, which represents about 1,700 Asarco workers. Grupo has until Jan. 15 to present a comprehensive proposal to the union outlining what it would offer in a new contract.

The union's current contract expires in June. Grupo has offered to extend the contract for a year, but the union wants a three-year extension to 2013 similar to its negotiated deal with Sterlite."