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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Winds in El Paso TX are 35 mph currently at 2 PM WSW and beginning to gust on westside near asarco

NO ONE has promised to stabilize the asarco site with all its demolition debris and illegal hazardous waste chemicals during the night when winds in the desert can pick up significantly.  

EPA has not yet answered my request for split samples of the chemicals they are testing and sending "results".  It is all about monies.  We have 50 million for the cleanup plus whatever the Trust can sell.   His profit increases accordingly since he is part owner of the cleanup company.  They all just want all of us to forget asarco, and sweep it under the rug.

EPA insists that none of the asarco material is classified, but failed since 1987 to tell us that asarco was a high level radioactive waste disposal contractor;  failed to make the bankruptcy court hold asarco responsible for over ten years of secret hazardous and radioactive waste disposal; and allowed the trust off the hook, too.

I was told that the Trust tested the stack concrete for radioactive materials but did not incinerate any sample, which is how you test for alpha particles.

Now former Mayor rancis and others talk about this valuable real estate.  Land that they would not live or work on themselves.... Former Senator Shapleigh is no where to be seen - impossible to be held accountable for failing to tell his GTLO meeting folks about the planned developments of highways at the site.  At the end he had switched sides so far that he said all the land needed was a good powerwashing and had his UTEP students recommending adding student housing to the site.   Fortunately rumor is that UTEP now won't take the land even if given it.

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