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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Why over-produce copper at AZ Asarco mine?

Conjecture suggests that this could eventually cause a layoff and possibly influence another state's union negotiations at around the exact same time some critical Texas negotiations are occurring.  Usually in the past gossip suggests that union attorney will sacrifice one location's negotiation's to save jobs at another if necessary.  

ASARCO was (and the company still may be) a US DOE High Level Radioactive Waste Disposal contractor (along with two other companies caught illegally incinerating massive amounts of material by US DOJ/EPA from 1991 thru 1998: Dupont and Engelhard); also one or more government sites that sent materials to Encycle/El Paso were contaminated by things like Beryllium.   

After 8 years and numerous requests, El Pasoans have not been told the answer to the simplest question for a copper smelter:"how much radioactive lead (Pb) is present at the El Paso smelter?"  Appalling. Inhalation of one alpha radioactive nano-particle like that is more toxic than arsenic and would have boiled out of the collapsing stacks within the black soot, mixed with the other dust and drifted into neighborhoods -both USA and Mexico.   All such smelters were producers of radioactive lead (Pb).

Arizona Daily Star

"Despite a slowdown in copper prices for most of this year, Asarco plans to boost annual copper production at its Mission mine complex by 16 percent, by expanding its copper concentrator.

The company also recently reopened a molybdenum production plant at Mission, about five years after it closed.

Between them, the two projects will mean 25 additional jobs at the Mission complex south of Tucson, bringing the workforce there to 663."

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