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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Please let people know this is happening: Asarco epa us doj hayden public consent decree

Type in the following (at end) to read the consent decree....there now starts a 30 day comment period for the public.    Please think about commenting.   Check on my blog (google asarco secret document, go to newest post) and when the us dept of justice posts how to make comments, i will put it there.  Protect the families in hayden:  jobs are good until your employed spouse gets disease associated with these secret leukemia.  

Is there a "confidential for settlement purposes only" us doj epa asarco document for this?  Like there was for asarco's mess in el paso tx?

We know as fact that asarco el paso acted as a high level radioactive waste disposal contractor during the 1990's.  The gov never released this fact to us thru open records requests, but hid its relationship with asarco from us.

Asarco contaminated homes with material found in nuclear control rods.  We have a critical radon/radium problem: both mexico and usa epa's know, but have not told el pasoans.

We in el paso were told nothing of this. A secret consent decree between asarco, epa and us doj 1998 hid it.  The bankruptcy hid it.  Our gov hid it. 

So, what is now happening at hayden asarco... more of the same?   The us doj said asarco made a lot of $$$$ doing this.

Why on earth would our gov and asarco stop such mon$y making given an old smelter in remote poor location with mostly mexican americans.

Our politicians looked the other way.  Made it impossible for el pasoans to take legal action: that was passed to only TCEQ to do.  They never did.

Now apparently it may be happening again, this nightmare, for Hayden,  az.   Asarco will invest $150 MILLION in Hayden.....  so it is a big problem, there.  Compare it with el paso...asarco gave us just 50 million, to clean us all up!

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