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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Glencore.... again

News is that Glencore is trying to buy ASARCO ... again. Isn't that the Marc Rich associated company --

The largest steel company in the world quietly put up its sign at Border Steel ---- ArcelorMittal.
Freeport McMoran ('the world's lowest-cost copper producer and one of the world's largest producers of gold'... see wikipedia) has had its sign up for a while at Phelps Dodge near the Western Refining plant in Central El Paso -- they moved in after Phelps Dodge quietly removed their smelter-stack.

Meanwhile 20%-Carlyle-owned Grupo Mexico's Ferromex Rail is planning to run the freight from the new Baja Mexico seaport east across Mexico to enter the USA through the new international city San Jeronimo/Santa Teresa -- just miles from these companies.

No one is talking about the secret toxic waste still here in El Paso from the years of illegal toxic-waste burning that the EPA/DOJ let us know ASARCO secretly-did during the 1990's. That plume would have impacted an area 30 miles out in any direction from the stack -- including the new Arcelormittal plant, the Freeport plant, and the International City/rail-lines.

Other polluted places like India are so toxic that they are desperately trying to create an industrial "corridor" to limit all the pollution-at. My fear is that the USA and Mexico will want to create a Korea-like demilitarized zone along our whole southern border, and then a huge industrial corridor on either side. The money-hungry Wall builders are starving for additional income, and now the new DHS secretary says that "she is becoming familiar with our northern border" --

Turning the southern border into a dumping ground/industrialized toxic land is against the 1980's la Paz accord - but if the Mexico government is destabilized enough then who over there will complain about these contractors/companies continuing to create this "zone", here? The business-company owners are happy making money, and people desperate for income cannot worry about plumbing, heat, solid-roofs over their heads, or windows/floors.

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