Research and creation done by Heather McMurray, x.heather[at]

Research and creation on the illegal actions of ASARCO El Paso smelter (from at least 1991 to 1998) done by Heather McMurray (Masters in Biological Sciences) from 2003 to current date, x.heather[at] content of my Blog has been used at UTEP, endorsed by 2007 Nobel Peace Prize team-winning author Dr. Devra Davis, and supported by various ex Asarco Workers, including the only ex-Asarco-worker to testify at the ASARCO El Paso 2005 Air Permit renewal Hearing, and others whom I deeply respect for their concern about the poisoning of of water, and health of our children. My qualifications include attending Chatham University that Rachel Carson attended (author of "Silent Spring"), receiving Masters in Biology from Professor who was last student of Nobel prize winner in medicine at Oxford University, Great Britain (Dr. Niko Tinbergen), and being designated a certified highly qualified composite science teacher through UTEP. I was the person who singlehandedly uncovered the 1998 73 page confidential for settlement purposes only US DOJ EPA ASARCO document (NY Times front page 10, 2006, I paid @300$ to post a news release I wrote,it caught attention of NYTimes reporter...I was teaching so Bill Guerra Addington, of the Sierra Blanca Dump Fight answered his call and as result of that conversation , the reporter did the national story); the 1994-5 Asarco Supervisor's whistle-blower's report; the information that Asarco had installed a site-wide water purification/distillation unit that removed radioactive wastes; that a local resident has house dust test information showing that nuclear control rod material called hafnium is found in greater quantities closer to our El Paso smelter; that El Paso has a critical home RADON GAS problem from radioactive radium in the soil outside their home (I presented the authors' paper to the La Paz Accord International JAC committee @2009 who took no action, headed by US EPA Co-chair Bill Luthans) ; and that 3 of the companies caught sending illegal materials for smelting in El Paso were US DOE High level Radioactive Waste Disposal contractors -- including ASARCO (paper published mid 1990's by US DOE Idaho Nat. Lab). In 12/1998 when Asarco began to talk about idling the El Paso plant, their decision came only 2 months after the Sierra Blanca Nuclear dump fight forced TX to deny a license for a nuclear dump site Oct/98, and I discovered EPA data showing how that the winter that the EPA reported El Paso TX had the highest Beta Radiation Levels in the nation -- higher than Oak Ridge TN. Side Note: Sierra Club was not connected to this research/work in any way. The work stands on its own merits in this blog and the attached documents in Scribe gathered on my own and from various sources. Respected Industrial geologists, scientists and attorneys have commented that this work is excellent work and rely on it.

I was non-renewed and regionally blacklisted from working again after disclosing Asarco's impact to our water. Very Sad when the community was afraid to back me up publicly, and I watched this happen to at least two other people. 3 of the 5 who handled the process and vote to non-renew me were later caught in criminal conduct including stealing. One (a former policeman) was recently put into federal prison for four years. The community needs to know what actually happened so that the bad people who allowed a lot of this to go on do not continue to have the power they have. But many are extremely powerful and people are still afraid. Some pose as model citizens and you do not dare to challenge that. Dr. Davis (part of a team that won the 2007 Nobel Peace prize) thanked me for my courage, in a handwritten preface to her 2nd book; and, Mexican activist Selfa Chew (senior, Mother of Dr. Mariana Chew who worked for Sierra Club several years before abandoning the job for another to run the sewage treatment plant in Anapra NM), who started the first labor union across from Asarco wrote me a card in 2008 saying , " Gracias por compastir con migo tos Ideales" among other kind words for my work researching Asarco. Professors Lin Nelson and Ann Fischel in WA wrote, ""to reaffirm what Veronica (Carbajal esq.) said so well, we join with others in honoring the work you have done, the sacrifices you have made...your work on the DOJ materials ("asarco secret document NYTimes 10/06) and your vigilance in bringing it into the light of day is of central significance" (email 12-apr-10). One of my students wrote me years later, " I'm proud and honored that you were my biology teacher." I continue to thank those who stood by me, support me, and say good words not gossip to others. I especially wish to thank Tammy in Corpus who told me about the blue alligator.

EPA, TCEQ, El Paso and San Antonio TRLA, Lois Gibb's group and exworkers from El Paso/citizens are working to "clean up" Encycle/Corpus Christi. Resident and Sierra Club Executive board member, Juan Garza (profiled in Sierra Club magazine 04-05) never revealed and will not release all the full metals analyses from his homes' attic dusts showing how hafnium levels (in nuclear control rods) are higher near our El Paso Asarco site than further away. Why? El Paso (whose smelter burned the stuff from ENCYCLE) drolls over the Asarco land ....El Paso's children are sacrificed to a nearly billion dollar elevated highway transportation project running right through the worst of the worst poisons from Encycle along El Paso's site... that will benefit....whom? Not the ex-workers. Not TRLA. Not the IBWC workers at American dam next to our El Paso Asarco site. How about it maybe aiding the the San Jeronimo Santa Teresa development next door (heavily involved with Washington DC's Rep. O'Rourke's billionaire Father-in-Law, Bill Sanders whose former high level exec. has run the US Carlyle Realty Group)? WAKE UP CORPUS CHRISTI because you are being sacrificed, too. EPA is still withholding the remainder of evidence from you. Powers that be plan to build an elementary school right on top of the El Paso smelter old Lead (Pb) dump) -- where are the ex-workers protesting, in El Paso? Where is TRLA in El Paso? Where is the rep. from Lois Gibb's group when this was the hottest radioactive city in America in 1998 the year she personally gave nuclear activist in El Paso (Bill Addington) an Award for a 56 day fast (no food, just mineral water)? Why is El Paso left out? Why? I cry tears of frustration and grief for our children and water supply, for the sick at IBWC who fought for us since 2001, and the ex-workers who care about the next generations in El Paso, the 3 year olds fighting heart disease and leukemias; the brain cancers and MS. Until EPA or TCEQ hand over the critical split samples I have asked for for 8 years, or the invoices from the 1998 USDOJ EPA secret document ---- then EPA is lying to ALL of us. They are lying to Corpus Christi, El Paso, East Helena and other past Asarco sites.... because Asarco was and probably still is a US DOE HLRW disposal contractor. And EPA and Asarco ought to prove to us that this is not being continued in Hayden, AZ by giving a split sample of that stack's emissions' to the community: Corpus Christi got one (those families in that law suit got $$). But El Paso never did get a stack emissions sample - ever. The El Paso trustee forced us to watch that black soot flow out of the stacks over many communities when he brought down the stacks -- but somehow he/TCEQ/EPA could never share a sample of it....

...Luke 9:62 "No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the Kingdom of God"


Thursday, July 30, 2015

an example of which countries are following this blog...

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Youtube video showing ten most expensive private homes including owner of Acelor mittal

Acelor Mittal has a steel mill about 30 miles NW of El Paso TX on I10.    

Monday, July 20, 2015

2015 May 30 worker killed at asarco remediation site in restricted area


There was a fatal incident at the former ASARCO Smelter Site in El Paso on May 30, 2015, involving an employee of a sub-contractor who is doing work at the Site. The sub-contractor's employee had completed his assigned work for the day. He was not performing an assigned task at the time of the incident. He was found in an area that is restricted to all site personnel.
The El Paso Police Department and OSHA are currently investigating this matter; the Trust will have no further statements until those investigations are complete.
The Trust's thoughts are with the family of the deceased.
Roberto Puga, Custodial Trustee"

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Praise for Heather McMurray's community work by sierra blanca dump fight, Bill Guerra Addington

"From Bill Guerra Addington's facebook, April 2015

Bill Addington (sierra Blanca dump fight") shared Jackson Polk's photo —  with 88 others.
April 15 at 8:33am · Edited ·
Very toxic radioactive contamination event, two years now. Every time we have enough wind, resuspended fugitive dust continues to come from the contaminated stripped desert land around the former ASARCO smelter and settle in homes where it poisons and contaminates homes and residents. Cancer can have a latency period to sicken from 10 - 20 years after exposure. They lie to you about the risks and dangers. They want to redevelop this for homes, or more UTEP campus, including student housing. Don't believe the lies. It is NOT "cleaned up". The 450 acre ASARCO site and Sunland Park is a no mans land. I grieve and am sad for my friends and allies who live on the Westside and around Sunland Park. We tried to get others to understand the scope and size of this contamination, our voices were drowned out by Project Navigator (Roberto Puga, the bankruptcy trustee) and city leaders and other special interests who want to sell, buy and redevelop this very large dangerous parcel of land. We worked not only to stop ASARCO from continuing to operate smelting copper and burning hazardous and radioactive wastes, but also to fight the coverup of misinformation and lies that it is safe to sell, and fit to use again for development. We worked on that over 10 years. This land is a sacrifice area. Their coverup of the true nature and dangers of what was criminally incinerated there for over 10 years, with full knowledge of state of Texas and national environmental regulators (TCEQ and USEPA) continues to hang over El Paso in a very bad evil Karma Cloud. Hear our words. Citizen Heather McMurray spent 10 years of her life and hundreds of thousands of dollars of her own hard earned savings to research and analyze many thousands of pages of government and scientific documents, some of them confidential and secret EPA documents that someone at the U.S. Justice Department sent her anonymously. In 2006, we made national news in a front page story in the New York Times with the secret EPA information document [hm: the 73 page US DOJ EPA asarco confidential for settlement purposes only document obtained by me after months of exhaustive open records requests]  that detailed the criminal burning of thousands of tons of hazardous and radioactive wastes that were "burned" in ASARCO's custom Contop smelter.[hm: I paid $300 to post a news release online; and wrote it] It was sent in many trainloads from Encycle in Corpus Christie, Texas for over 10 years. The partly burned hazardous and radioactive wastes rained down on the unsuspecting people of El Paso, Sunland Park, and Cd. Juarez for those 10 years. Some of us like Biology teacher Heather McMurray tried to protect and warn the good people in our binational community. Of course, it's easier and less painful to live in denial and move on after the closing of ASARCO operations. But that does not erase the truth or reality of what still lurks in the large areas of lands on the Westside around the 450 acre ASARCO site. As many of my friends know, I am no longer with my great courageous friend Heather McMurray. But I know in my heart she is an unsung hero. Heather stood for the truth, and did her best to protect heath and safety of the innocent residents, familes of El Paso She invested and sacrificed many years of her life and hundreds of thousands of dollars to expose the evil that happened there, evil that continues to threaten unknowing families in the areas I described. I am saddened and it grieves me that many still fail to understand and others are in denial. We did our job. It was our responsibility as caring, compassionate human beings who lived in El Paso.... I for one, thank you, Heather McMurray. I salute you. You gave many years of your life and spent all your savings to protect innocent life in our home. You were instrumental in stopping ASARCO. You did your best to warn everyone and protect the health and safety of innocent voiceless unknowing people that continue to be at risk. I have deep undying respect for you Heather, as a fellow caring, tireless, compassionate researcher and community activist. You are a scientist in the first degree, and I will never forget. Deep Respect! We warned you, El Paso. Protect yourselves. Dangerous contamination knows no political or socioeconomic boundaries. #pathoflight #tearsofblood

Jackson Polk at in a canyon near the old smelter
room for a view now"

Thursday, March 12, 2015

"Union, Environmental Group Say Dozens of Nuclear Workers Suffering from Toxic Materials Exposure
By Elizabeth Grossman
In These Times
February 20, 2015
Since March 2014, nearly 60 workers at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington state have sought medical attention for on- the-job exposure to chemical vapors released by highly toxic waste stored at the site, some as recently as August. At a public meeting held Wednesday in Pasco, Washington, Hanford workers described symptoms that include chronic headaches, respiratory problems, nerve damage and bloody urine.
The meeting, hosted by the United Association (U.A.) of Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 598 and Hanford Challenge, a Seattle-based environmental watchdog group, was convened following the February 10 release by Department of Energy contractor Washington River Protection Services (WRPS) of a "corrective action implementation plan." This plan was developed in response to recommendations in a report from the Savannah River National Laboratory released in October 2014.
Commissioned in response to worker exposures at Hanford’s tank farms, the Savannah River report found ongoing emissions of toxic chemical vapors from waste tanks, inadequate worker health and safety procedures and evidence that "strongly suggests a causal link between chemical vapor releases and subsequent health effects."
For the entire article, see

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Feb. 2015 "JOBE Materials, L. P. advertising "Rail Services Available" serving El Paso and S. N.M. through both the Union Pacific and BNSF.  The photo shows three materials cars with "JOBE" Logo.  ..."also providing: ready mix concrete, asphalt, aggregates, and trucking services"  stanley[at]"   p. 54 2/15 "Border NOW" mag.
My ten years of painstaking research now shows that the media blitz from the 1990's Sierra Blanca nuclear dump fight causing denial of dump license oct 1998 had timely connection to shut down of local asarco smelter 3 months later.  I obtained several key documents showing how asarco was an official us doe HLRW disposal contractor during those years, that 3 of those contractors including asarco were caught sending illegal materials for burning here; and, that the levels of nuclear control rod element(s) were higher the closer you got to the asarco site.....

Oct. 2012 Fiona Apple, wore the local dump fight activist's name (Bill Addington) on her tshirt for 4 concerts creating a fbk media blitz to his site.

"Our heroes, you see, are men"
Bill Guerra Addington and his mom Gloria  Guerra Addington fought the nuclear dump and the merco sludge dump.   Bill has a skill at media and lobbied in WA d.c. for 5 yrs ...but he is not a saint.   He often said he does not want to be anyone's hero.  What is presented by media and what is real can be different things.   The dump got stopped thru sacrifice and planning by a talented core group of men and women. Some gave up everything financially even though they were not local.   Bill was only one of them.  His mom provided the monies for the whole fight for Bill.  She was honest, had 2 masters degrees, taught school from age 18 and then retired to run the general store.   The stories of the women behind such men are mostly never told; and, it would have been nice had Fiona asked people to read and learn about Gloria Addington instead.  Gloria and other women....Solar, Hudeth, Diane, Gina his ex wife, Heather  and others........the women behind the fight and aftermath, their sacrifices often to the bone and never repaid... they are the ones left behind and forgotten.   History does not remember women.   Our heroes you see, are men.

Friday, December 12, 2014

El Paso Times Editorial calls area polluted with hafnium (from nuclear control rods) "prime real estate"

"I think this would be a great opportunity and a great benefit for UT El Paso," Regent Ernest Aliseda of McAllen said.
The Asarco land is prime real estate for El Paso's future. Given the role UTEP must play in building that future, it makes sense for the UT System to consider the purchase.
And the regents' cautious approach makes sense. Nothing can be done before the environmental cleanup is complete.
[h.m. note: this "clean up" can never be complete, except for by ignoring what really happened there -- and, the ones involved are protected from disclosure under US 1940's Atomic Energy Act.   We have the data and documentation to show what is found around that site and that Asarco (and 2 other companies caught by EPA/US DOJ sending illegal stuff here) were US DOE High Level Radioactive Disposal Contractors, and $100 million is only a drop in the bucket for cleaning up what is there]
But eventual UTEP control of at least some of the Asarco land makes a lot of sense."

[h.m. note: proper cleanup of the ASARCO site would have created billions of dollars of jobs for at LEAST ten years!]

Monday, May 26, 2014

asarco, englehard and dupont were u.s.doe hlrw disposal contractors during time stuff was burned by asarco in el paso that the epa and us doj said had nothing in it to smelt for copper...nothing.

Bill  Guerra Addington: " Heather is talking about her BLOG on all the research and analysis she did for years on ASARCO not FB posts. Her work as a researcher to get the truth on what happened for 20 years and more in El Paso was cutting edge and exemplary. Heather discovered with a lot of work and fighting with corrupt USEPA and Texas Environmental officials that ASARCO had been criminally and illegally burning thousands of TONS of extremely hazardous waste in EL Paso for 10 years. This discovery by Heather made the front page of the New York Times in Oct 2006. 'ASARCO Illegally Burned Hazardous Waste for Nearly A Decade' NY Times. Without Heather, El Paso's corrupt dirty secret would never been told and our community and the nation would have never known about the incinerated poisons that rained down on our communities of El Paso and Juarez for 10 years causing great sickness and unneeded death," from October 20, 2013