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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New York City sludge HOUSTON company Synagro is owned by "Carlyle Owners", part of the Carlyle Group

SYNAGRO (NY City Sludge treatment Company, located in HOUSTON TEXAS) is owned by company that is part-owner of GRUPO MEXICO (ASARCO):

 "Parent is the sole stockholder of Merger Sub, and Parent is currently wholly-owned by CIP Grey Partnership, L.P. At the effective time of the merger, Parent will be owned by Carlyle Grey Partners, L.P., CIP Direct Partnership, L.P., CIP Grey Partnership, L.P. and CIP Coinvestment, L.P., which we collectively refer to as the “Carlyle Owners.The Carlyle Owners are managed by and act through their general partner, Carlyle Infrastructure General Partner, L.P., which we refer to as the “General Partner.” The General Partner’s sole general partner is TC Group Infrastructure, L.L.C., the sole member of which is TC Group, L.L.C. The managing member of TC Group, L.L.C. is TCG Holdings, L.L.C. Each of the Carlyle Owners and the General Partner is a Delaware limited partnership, and each of TC Group Infrastructure, L.L.C., TC Group, L.L.C. and TCG Holdings, L.L.C. is a Delaware limited liability company. The Carlyle Owners are a part of The Carlyle Group, which we refer to as “Carlyle,” one of the world’s largest private equity firms.

The business address for each of the Carlyle Owners, the General Partner, TC Group Infrastructure, L.L.C., TC Group, L.L.C. and TCG Holdings, L.L.C. is c/o The Carlyle Group, 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20004-2505."

[Remember, Texas G.L.O. is planning on resuming sludge dumping at Sierra Blanca on the old mob-connected NYC MERCO sludge dump/ranch -- at about the same time that Asarco is planning to re-open -- would that sludge dumper be Synagro sludge, also?]

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