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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Camino Real Dump Hearing: Thursday

Many of the affected parties and attorneys went on a Dump tour, and the proceedings started later at the community center. It was warmer, the Dump attorneys had bought a huge number of seat cushions at WalMart, so that many regular attendees could use those and be warmer than sitting on a metal chair ... but many still came who had no cushions. The central heating fan is off because of long-term construction.

One after another the residents of the region came forward to speak about esophageal cancers, lung cancer, eye surgeries, diabetes (which we now know is regulated by a 2nd hormone produced in bones), asthma, a feeling of being smothered, not being able to swallow, overly/unusual dry skin, and other problems that occur at high rates. They were worried about the dust, the odors, the dripping-fluids from the waste-trucks headed toward the dump (dump doesn't accept fluids), and the drinking-water.

IBWC Filed $27 Million Contamination Claim Against Asarco

"by NPT Staff

NPT presents three bankruptcy court documents related to a $27 million claim for contamination of IBWC property adjacent to Asarco. The IBWC cites a "potential threat to the Rio Grande," a source of drinking and irrigation water for El Paso.

Posted on December 5, 2007

Editor's note: The following is to be heard by bankruptcy court Dec. 7. The three court documents -- linked to below these brief excerpts -- relate to a $27 million claim by the International Boundary and Water Commission against Asarco for contamination on IBWC property.


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Camino Real Dump Hearing

The hearing started this morning and will run 8 AM to 9PM from today through Saturday and then next week Monday through Saturday at the Catholic church community center on McNutt just west of the Sunland Park road intersection. The community center is unheated, the chairs are hard and metal and the center was never designed for 13 hour marathons in the wintertime.

Despite objections from all of us without money and health insurance (for the antibiotics to cure us when we all get sick from this) the hearing continues as planned through this holiday season.

We unpaid and affected community members are facing two law firms - one with 40 local attorneys alone.

Governor Richardson's environmental Justice in action, folks. God help us all.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Border in 1989, when ENCYCLE began

(published 2004)

Lead particulates in air at UTEP monitor site

Lead: (quarterly mean in micrograms/cubic meter) El Paso, TX
All the data points are from the East Robinson UTEP monitor site.
This is a chart of the quarterly Pb (lead) readings for the eleven years.

The values begin to get smaller after the smelter closed, in 2/1999