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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is land-grabbing and development of the Asarco site worth more than finding out what happened to this 3 year old child ??

Is the ASARCO illegal & secret-toxic-waste a legacy issue to this child:

[Westside El Paso] "....Lopez's daughter Danika was born in February 2006 with myriad health problems. She has Goldenhar syndrome, a congenital condition that causes facial deformities and also affected her heart. She has lung problems and was born without several body parts, including fingers, an ear and the bones of one forearm.

Danika spent the first 80 days of her life in a hospital, mostly in intensive care. Her parents' insurance covered her medical costs for a while, but it was maxed out at $5 million when she was about 2...."

" "We've also seen a lot of what is known as 'Goldenhar Syndrome,' that is where there is a missing left eye and left ear. It's very strange...."

ASARCO El Paso was shut down in February of 1999 after the EPA registered the highest Beta-radiation levels in the USA in El Paso in 1998 (we are assured that these readings mean nothing by the EPA, and that we are safe).  Four months before the shut-down the TCEQ decided to deny the nuclear-dump-license for the Sierra Blanca site just about 80 miles from El Paso, after press/media events reached international levels.

ASARCO is paying just $52 million to "clean up" a secret-toxic-waste-site on the West side of El Paso.  To put that amount of money into perspective, that amount could only pay for medical care for ten children with the birth/heart -defects like what Danika has suffered -- and, only for the first few years of their lives.

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