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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sham Recycling leads to Sham Asarco bankruptcy and sham decisions

  • Why won't the Dept. of Justice Bankruptcy Trustee require that the Bankruptcy court consider the liabilities from the secret military and industrial wastes illegally burned at Asarco El Paso and E. Helena for many years?
  • Isn't it illegal to not require full disclosure of the toxic wastes in the Asarco bankruptcy? 
  • Why won't the news disclose how Carlyle Group owns 20% of Grupo Mexico?
  • Why did the EPA report that the Beta Radiation levels in El Paso just before Asarco shut down were the highest in the USA?
  • The shut down occurred soon after the TCEQ made an abrupt decision to not bring nuclear wastes to this region for disposal, after all.
  • Why weren't we told the truth for eight years (from 1998 to 2006), and why are the government and attorneys acting as if that secret document is not now public??
  • Why won't the government disclose what poisons are still here from those activities?
  • Why does Grupo Mexico plan to bid on a Pacific coast seaport - to run it for 50 years and bring rail freight through a port of entry about only ten miles from the Asarco El Paso epicenter?  How could such construction and planning be done if the true extent of the toxic-waste contamination were exposed?
  • What happened here?!?

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Grupo Mexico Chairman Gets Long-Awaited Prize
Wall Street Journal
"A full payment is a rare species in bankruptcy," said Jack Kinzie of Baker Botts LLP, who had argued that Sterlite should take Asarco out of bankruptcy. ...
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"Ten years after launching a hostile takeover of U.S. copper refiner Asarco LLC and four years after forcing it into Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Mexican billionaire Germán Larrea Mota-Velasco [AND CARLYLE GROUP - THEY OWN 20% of GRUPO MEXICO] finally has what he wanted: control of the copper giant free from the threat of environmental and asbestos litigation.

The Grupo Mexico SAB chairman also will rule over one of the world's largest copper producers in terms of known ore reserves, adding Asarco's mines to properties Mr. Larrea operates in Mexico and Peru."

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