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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Who gamed the Bankruptcy system?

WHY DID THE ENTIRE BANKRUPTCY "SYSTEM" IGNORE THE LIABILITIES FROM what the EPA/DOJ told us (after 8 years of secrecy!) was THE ILLEGAL and SECRET BURNING OF UNMANIFESTED WASTES FOR PROFIT, incinerated over YEARS?!  Who exactly gamed the Bankruptcy system?  The owners of ASARCO or the regulators?  We have evidence that the regulators knew what happened and concealed it in 2001 from the community.  What deals have been made to sacrifice the peoples of the Paso del Norte region to this contamination, and why?!?

Why has the Asarco Bankruptcy completely ignored what was almost a decade of illegal toxic poisons spread over El Paso/Juarez/N.M. and E. Helena MT by these burnings of military and industrial unreported wastes??  

Rep. Reyes, Chair of the House Intelligence Committee said that Asarco paid MILLIONS on condition that the details of what it had done were never made public.    WHY WERE THESE POISONS NEVER MADE PUBLIC?  Why couldn't the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee make these poisons public?   Why have we never been told what these poisons are -- even after an international La Paz committee made a recommendation/resolution that the background contamination be studied and reported?!?

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Asarco owner tried to game bankruptcy system officials say | MORE ...
Dec. 27, 2009 - WASHINGTON — A 562-foot smokestack that spewed a plume of arsenic, lead and other heavy metals over 1000 square miles of Washington state's ...

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