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Friday, April 3, 2009

Interesting comment ...

"These guys offer the model of how to export all the profits from mining out of the country to offshore accounts, then declare bankruptcy and fine ways to pay as little as possible in federal bankruptcy court. And somehow, just a few weeks ago prior to an EPA audit, coworkers made frantic rushes to the shredder with this facilities permits and their Notice of Violation for not having a permit. When inquired as to the purpose of such shredding, I was informed that they were duplicates, when I pointed out they were three different permits, and the nature of the NOV was for not having a permit, I took the permits to my desk for closer examination, i was five feet from my desk when the frantic co-worker apprehended those documents and made a mad dash for the shredder... I joked... he go shred those now... Gee isn't that facility one of your cases? Uh, no... uh lie."

Thursday, April 2, 2009

American Mining Corp ordered to return stock to ASARCO

"April 2, 2009
Judgment to order stock returned to Asarco
Associated Press Writer

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) - A federal judge in Texas has ordered a subsidiary
of mining giant Grupo Mexico SAB to return stock in a Peruvian mining
company once owned by Tucson-based copper miner Asarco LLC, now going
through bankruptcy reorganization.

An attorney and company officials said the damages award to Asarco -
including the return of stock - was valued at more than $6 billion."

also see

"MEXICO CITY, April 2 (Reuters) - Grupo Mexico shares plunged 15 percent
on Thursday after a U.S. court ordered the company to surrender the bulk
of its stake in Southern Copper and pay more than $1 bln in
damages.....Grupo Mexico... has said it was still interested in taking
back control of Asarco."

TCEQ ASARCO (El Paso) Update

Many thanks to TCEQ regional director Ms. Gardner and the honest people within the TCEQ who are trying to get out some information/data to the public, including word about the Asarco Rio grande groundwater-plume.  

We [TCEQ] have added a [ASARCO] Remedial Investigation documents page for viewing and downloading. To go directly to that page, follow this link.

The link to the main ASARCO webpage is here.