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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

1996 Grupo Mexico bid on the Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexcio first concession... (privatization of Mexico rail roads)

"...Privatization of Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico (FNM) is moving
ahead, although at a pace far slower than originally
anticipated--roughly one year behind schedule.

Mexico's Communications and Transport Ministry (SCT) was expected to
award the first concession in mid-October, the Chihuahua al Pacifico
short line, but rejected the bid of Grupo Mexico and South Orient
Railroad Co.--the only consortium that chose not to withdraw from the
proceedings--on Oct. 9 on the grounds that it did not come close enough
to the $50 million value that SCT set. Grupo Mexico/South Orient's ..."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"...hearing would continue through Aug. 14 and carry over to Aug. 17-19 if required..."

Google News Alert for: asarco
August hearing set to decide Asarco's fate
"Arizona Daily Star - Tucson,AZ,USA
The confirmation hearing to approve one of the three competing reorganization plans for Tucson-based copper producer Asarco LLC will begin Aug. ..."

Monday, June 15, 2009

ASARCO AG ((Asarco SA) (Asarco Inc)) Registered AUGUST 31 1998

The following is excerpted from the above links:
26 4.9.2006 Commercial Register
Asarco AG, in Zürich, CH-020.3.901.838-1, Finanzgeschäfte, Aktiengesellschaft (SHAB Nr. 167 vom 31. 08. 1998, S. 5999).
New address: Usteristrasse 11, 8001 Zürich.
Issue Nr. 23523 of 29.08.2006 (3532938 / CH02039018381)
SOGC publication (PDF-File)
100 31.8.1998 Commercial Register
Asarco AG, in Zürich , Finanzgeschäfte, Aktiengesellschaft (SHAB Nr. 141 vom 25. 07. 1997, S. 5311).
People deleted or signatures revoked: Beltracchi, Angela, von Basel, in Oberengstringen, Mitglied, mit Einzelunterschrift.
Peoples registration new or modified: Haberthür, Urs, von Breitenbach, in Oberengstringen, Mitglied, mit Einzelunterschrift.
(Federal DOJ Michael Goodstein's letter sending EPA confidential settlement document was July 31 1998)

20090415 Grupo Mexico S.A. de C.V. Obtains Approval To Lay Off Mine Workers

"Grupo Mexico S.A. de C.V. Obtains Approval To Lay Off Mine Workers-DJ
Reuters Key Development - Apr 15, 2009  
Dow Jones reported that Grupo Mexico S.A. de C.V. has received authorization from a federal arbitration board to fire workers at its Cananea copper mine after a 20 month strike, according to the..."

20090218 COFECO fines Carlos Slim's Ferrosur and Grupo Mexico's Ferromex 27 Million dollars each...

"Report: Cofeco slaps Ferromex, Ferrosur with US$27mn fines - Mexico
Published: Wednesday, February 18, 2009 17:17 (GMT -0400)
By Business News Americas staff reporters
Mexico's anti-monopoly commission (Cofeco) has decided to fine local rail companies Ferromex and Ferrosur 400mn pesos (US$27mn) each for monopolist....",_Ferrosur_with_US*27mn_fines1

Asarco El Paso smelter to be razed and site cleared per Feb. 2009 letter between Aldrich and TCEQ

MR. Thomas L. Aldrich
Vice President Environmental Affairs
5285 E. Williams Circle, Suite 2000
Tuscon, Arizona 85711 
Re: Permit Numbers: 4151, 20345, and Federal Operating Permit No. 2871
Ore Handling and Storage Facility and Smelter
El Paso, El Paso County
Regulated Entity Number:  RN100219021
Customer Reference Number:  CN602815524
Account Number:  EE-0007-G 
Dear Mr. Aldrich: 
As requested in your letter dated February 6, 2009 we are voiding active New Source Review permit numbers 4151 and 20345.  We understand the copper smelter authorized by Permit No. 20345 and the supporting ore handling facility authorized by Permit No. 4151 will be razed and the plant site cleared. Accordingly, the pending Permit No. 4151 renewal application, revision request, and notification of qualified change request are also voided. 
Additionally, as requested the pending application for Federal Operating Permit (FOP) No. 2871 for the Asarco El Paso Plant site authorized under Title 30 Texas Administrative Code (30 TAC) Chapter 122 is voided. 
Thank you for informing us of the status of your site.  If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact Mr. Javier Maldonado, P.E. at (512) 239-6047 or Dois Webb, P.E. at (512) 239-1575. 
This action is taken under authority delegated by the Executive Director of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. 
Richard A. Hyde, P.E., Director
Air Permits Division
Office of Permitting and Registration 
    cc: David Cabe, P.E., Zephyr Environmental Corp, Austin
    Air Permits Section Chief, New Source Review, Section (6PD-R), Environmental
    Protection Agency, Region 6, Dallas
    Air Quality Manager, Environmental Services, City of El Paso, El Paso
    Air Section Manager, Region 6 - El Paso 
Project Number:  120312, 121726, and 122846