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Friday, September 18, 2009

FNS News: Leading Mexican Environmentalist Killed

"September 18, 2009
Environment News
Mexican Environmental Leader Killed
Editor?s Note:

Internationally-known Mexican environmentalist and forest defender Felipe
Arreaga was killed Wednesday, September 16, while driving his ATV in
Petatlan, Guerrero. The longtime campesino leader was struck by a mini-bus
and died a few hours later in a hospital in nearby Zihuatanejo. Although
Petatlan is the site of a military base, it lacks civilian medical
facilities capable of handling serious injuries. The driver of the
mini-bus fled the scene of the crash, and many circumstances of the
incident are still unclear....Kent Paterson

Frontera NorteSur (FNS): on-line, U.S.-Mexico border news
Center for Latin American and Border Studies
New Mexico State University Las Cruces,New Mexico"

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Railroad Link from planned International City to El Paso

Rail in the Pass presentation video

Rail in the Pass documentation presented to the MPO and others (MPO archived it) (starts page 74)

01/2003 ASARCO highlighted for Intermodal Rail to San Jeronimo/Santa Teresa...

Above figure is from 01/03. Verde moved here winter of 2003 to do the downtown redevelopment plan.
  • Remember that "Ferromex" is owned by Grupo Mexico, who owns ASARCO
  • that the secret of the toxic-waste was LOCKED UP in the EPA/DOJ/ASARCO CONFIDENTIAL-FOR-SETTLEMENT PURPOSES ONLY DOCUMENT (not revealed until 2006!)
  • that the rail remodeling could not happen if the poisons were ever disclosed.
  • that the Federal EPA came here in 2001 for "testing" and NEVER DISCLOSED THE TOXIC WASTE

Senator Shapleigh writes about examples of successful Regional Metropolitan Governments


September 10, 2009

Written by Senator Eliot Shapleigh,

"...local governments are taking a close look at consolidation, whereby city and county governments merge as a single taxing entity and service provider....  In 1962, the city of Nashville, Tennessee and the county of Davidson consolidated all services, including the public school systems, police, fire, water and sewer services, planning and zoning, and public works....

Other examples of successful Regional Metropolitan Governments can be found in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, and Portland, Oregon. ....consolidated governments also experienced a 17% increase in capita income, compared to 11% growth in non-consolidated regions."

Citigroup Bank is a "Key Financial" entity for the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority

Citigroup Bank is a "Key Financial Team member" for the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority (CRRMA) that builds El Paso TX highways

Citigroup is a primary ASARCO Bondholder

Another Key Financial Team member for the CRRMA is Fulbright and Jaworski, L.P. whose partner Evelyn H. Biery ".... has assisted  the official committees of unsecured creditors in the ASARCO LLC case"

The CRRMA is slated to build an elevated toll road right by ASARCO El PASO over Paisano through the worst of the worst ASARCO contamination and over our drinking/irrigation water supply (the El Paso MPO led by Rep. Joe Pickett voted to ALLOW THIS CONSTRUCTION DESPITE THE STILL-SECRET POISONS)

Would El Pasoans agree that it might be possible that these key members of the CRRMA might have a conflict of interest WITH DISCLOSING THE STILL-SECRET ILLEGAL TOXIC-WASTES THAT THE EPA told the DOJ ASARCO BURNED THROUGH THE 1990's AT THE EL PASO SITE??

Is land-grabbing and development of the Asarco site worth more than finding out what happened to this 3 year old child ??

Is the ASARCO illegal & secret-toxic-waste a legacy issue to this child:

[Westside El Paso] "....Lopez's daughter Danika was born in February 2006 with myriad health problems. She has Goldenhar syndrome, a congenital condition that causes facial deformities and also affected her heart. She has lung problems and was born without several body parts, including fingers, an ear and the bones of one forearm.

Danika spent the first 80 days of her life in a hospital, mostly in intensive care. Her parents' insurance covered her medical costs for a while, but it was maxed out at $5 million when she was about 2...."

" "We've also seen a lot of what is known as 'Goldenhar Syndrome,' that is where there is a missing left eye and left ear. It's very strange...."

ASARCO El Paso was shut down in February of 1999 after the EPA registered the highest Beta-radiation levels in the USA in El Paso in 1998 (we are assured that these readings mean nothing by the EPA, and that we are safe).  Four months before the shut-down the TCEQ decided to deny the nuclear-dump-license for the Sierra Blanca site just about 80 miles from El Paso, after press/media events reached international levels.

ASARCO is paying just $52 million to "clean up" a secret-toxic-waste-site on the West side of El Paso.  To put that amount of money into perspective, that amount could only pay for medical care for ten children with the birth/heart -defects like what Danika has suffered -- and, only for the first few years of their lives.

In 2006 a Lena Katamanin bought a Highland Park IL property from Swiss Company ASARCO A.G. for $496,000 -- it is now being offered for sale at $980,000

In 2006 a Lena Katamanin bought a Highland Park IL property from Swiss Company ASARCO A.G. for $496,000 -- it is now being offered for sale at $980,000

"Date    Address    Price    Seller    Buyer
Jun 30 [2006]    Single Family1380 S Lincoln Avenue     $496,000     Ag Asarco     Lena Katamanin

...Owner: Lena Katamanin
Offered for Sale: $980,000
+ AGENT: Elena Maliavina

sales history (2001-present)
$496,000 on June 30, 2006
B: Lena Katamanin
S: Ag Asarco
2007 property taxes: $12,126.22"

The AGENT Elena Maliavina is listed for the following Highland Park real estate swap in the same Highland Park neighborhood over a single property sold back and forth with the Chicago Title Land Co. Trust with Michael Vdovets

A Google search shows that a Chicago Michael Vdovets name shows up in connection with a "Center of the Northshore" Chicago IL EPA database... [the "Center of the Northshore" is apparently a condo, bank, restaurant complex being developed on an apparently contaminated site apparently formerly owned by "combined insurance co of america"]  -- and  --  )

Illinois EPA data systems.
BOL ID # Facility Name Street City Lat/Lon
0312075243 Center of the Northshore 700 Skokie Blvd Northbrook 42.13993/-87.79413
Site Remediation Program Data

A Michael Vdovets from Chicago also shows up listed with Kaiser Development Group LLC

His name also appears in conjunction with:
"Consultant:     GaiaTech, Inc.
Point of Contact:     John H. Yang
Address:     200 North LaSalle Street   Suite 2600
      Chicago, IL  60601 "

April 09 Pentagon Knowingly Exposed U.S. Soldiers To Toxic Waste: Leaked Memo [THE ASARCO EPA/DOJ/TCEQ EL PASO HEARING WAS MAY 11 - one month later...]

"Pentagon Knowingly Exposed U.S. Soldiers To Toxic Waste: Leaked Memo

Huffington Post   |  Stuart Whatley   |   April 10, 2009

The Pentagon allegedly endangered U.S. soldiers by implementing and covering-up dangerously toxic waste-incineration [... very much sounds like ASARCO EL PASO, which incinerated secret illegal industrial and military wastes for almost ten years...]  practices at Balad Airbase in Iraq during years past, as revealed in a leaked Air Force memo [PDF]...."

Soldiers report: "chronic bronchitis, asthma, sleep apnea, chronic coughs and allergy-like symptoms. Several also have cited heart problems, lymphoma and leukemia." [DOES THIS SOUND LIKE ASARCO EL PASO?]

"The story then goes on to discuss a Pentagon report titled "Just the Facts" which, given the now-leaked memo, reeks of obfuscation. According to Army Times, "Just the Facts" admits the "occasional presence" of possibly harmful toxins but then attempts to write-off the cancerous Balad Airbase miasma as harmless..."

[We are assured in El Paso around ASARCO that having the highest radioactive BETA readings in the U.S.A. winter of '98 just before the smelter closed was "harmless"]

Monday, September 14, 2009

City of El Paso - will they approve 1 million $ contract to SAIC (high-clearance Government-contractor-company under investigation for fraud; and company that did ASARCO testing)

for more on "SAIC" do a search in the blog search-engine


WHEREAS, El Paso City Council by motion on March 25, 2008 awarded Solicitation
No. 2008-010R for a total amount of $846,545.57 to Consultant for services to prepare a
Regional Growth Management Plan (the “RGMP”) and on even date the City Manager entered
into a Professional Services Contract with Consultant for said services (the “Contract”); and
WHEREAS, on April 14, 2009, the CITY and CONSULTANT first amended the
Contract to provide for additional public outreach services and increased the total amount of the
Contract to $882, 399.32; and
WHEREAS, CITY and CONSULTANT now desire to amend the Contract to provide
for additional services related to presentation and housing analysis activities, to increase the
contract award for payment of said additional services by $156,777.19 resulting in a total
contract award amount of $1,039,176.51, and to extend the overall period of performance and
receipt of project deliverables, as specified herein.....
2. CONSULTANT will prepare and deliver oral presentations of the
major findings of the Regional Growth Management Plan to the City Manager
selected staff, to the City Council, and to the Mayor and selected personnel. The
presentation will include both physical and electronic versions of the presentation.
These presentations will be provided during the same week as the El Paso Housing
Forum II."

Glencore and Sterlite-owner in same business

January 2009 "Swiss commodities firm Glencore International AG ....has submitted a written proposal for a joint venture with Asarco LLC, a lawyer for the bankrupt U.S. copper miner said on Tuesday.  Glencore, an Asarco creditor, previously said in court documents that it was interested in joining a bid to buy the assets.   Asarco will consider the proposal along with a stand-alone plan it is putting together, company attorney Jack Kinzie told the bankruptcy court. Kinzie also said Asarco was still negotiating with Sterlite...."

Why is there a Swiss Bank named "ASARCO A.G." created in 1998-9? (Do a search on Katamanin in the blog search engine)

September 2009 SWISS Company Glencore developing open copper mine in Zambia where STERLITE owner is largest producer right now...

"Glencore's Zambia unit to start new copper mine...LUSAKA, Sep 9 (Reuters) - A unit of Swiss company Glencore International AG will develop an open pit copper mine in Zambia....Mopani Copper Mines (MCM), majority owned by Glencore, to develop an open pit mine in the Mindola ore body in Kitwe, 330 km north of Lusaka. ...Mopani was Zambia's second largest copper producer before new mines with higher output like Lumwana mine, owned by Equinox Minerals Ltd and Kansanshi mine, a unit of Canada's First Qunatum Minerals came on stream last year. The largest copper producer in this southern African country of 12 million people is Konkola Copper Mines (KCM), a unit of London-listed Vedanta Resources Plc [STERLITE]."

ASARCO Swiss Bank

In 2006 a woman with the same last name as the man in charge of a Swiss Bank named "ASARCO" bought a Chicago Highland Park property for around 1/2 million dollars. This property is now being offered for sale after Mikhail Katamanin recently entered into bankruptcy after an offshore company sued him.   Search "Mikhail Katamanin" in the blog search engine to see gambling and additional information.
"1380 S Lincoln Avenue, Highland Park, Ill 60035  Owner: Lena Katamanin
Offered for Sale: $980,000 + AGENT: Elena Maliavina
sales history (2001-present)

$496,000 on June 30, 2006
B: Lena Katamanin
S: Ag Asarco"

"Appeals court blocks BLM-Asarco land swap" (lawsuit brought by Cntr for Biol. Diversity, Sierra Club and Western Land Project)

(AP) "By BOB CHRISTIE (AP) – 1 hour ago

PHOENIX —....The ruling in the lawsuit filed by three environmental groups in 2001 overturns a lower court decision backing the exchange long sought by Asarco....It ruled that federal environmental laws required the BLM to compare in detail the likely environmental consequences that would occur with and without a land swap.

"The BLM has not done this. Indeed, it has not even attempted to do this," Circuit Judge William A. Fletcher wrote."