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Saturday, June 5, 2010

effects of Lead (Pb) -- like the Lead (Pb) found around ASARCO EL Paso TX

"[Lead is a naturally occurring bluish-gray metal found in small  amounts in the earth's crust. Lead can be found in all parts of our  environment. Lead itself does not break down, but lead compounds are  changed by sunlight, air, and water. When lead is released to the  air, it may travel long distances before settling to the ground. Once  lead falls onto soil, it usually sticks to soil particles. Movement  of lead from soil into groundwater will depend on the type of lead  compound and the characteristics of the soil.  Lead is a heavy metal that can be toxic to living bodies, humans and  animals, in certain high levels. Lead can be found in paints on  houses, on pottery, and other objects. Lead can be found in water, in  air around smelters, and in such objects as batteries.  When lead enters the body, generally through ingestion but also  through inhalation from dust and lead smelters, it may be seen as a  lead line on the metaphysis of growing bones in radiographs.  Lead can be especially detrimental to children as many tissues are  growing and developing and lead is easy incorporated into those  cells. It may slow growth, cause hearing problems, hyperactivity and  behavior changes.  Children with high lead burdens may have  neurological damage, including brain damage. This may present as  headaches or learning difficulties, muscle cramps, twitches or  spasms. It may be more severe, leading to seizures and death.  Adults may also suffer from lead poisoning. Adults may experience a  variety of neurological problems, among them, memory and  concentration problems. They may also have muscle and joint pain,  reproductive problems, and hypertension (high blood pressure). Adults  may also suffer from neurological problems as well.  Heavy metal intoxication almost always affects the gastrointestinal  system, such as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, poor appetite and as a  consequence, weight loss. Anemia may also be seen in lead poisoning,  which further increases the weakness the victim experiences.  The effects of lead are the same whether it enters the body through  breathing or swallowing. Lead can affect almost every organ and  system in the body. The main target for lead toxicity is the nervous  system, both in adults and children. Long-term exposure of adults can  result in decreased performance in some tests that measure functions  of the nervous system. It may also cause weakness in fingers, wrists,  or ankles. Lead exposure also causes small increases in blood  pressure, particularly in middle-aged and older people and can cause  anemia. Exposure to high lead levels can severely damage the brain  and kidneys in adults or children and ultimately cause death. In  pregnant women, high levels of exposure to lead may cause  miscarriage. High-level exposure in men can damage the organs  responsible for sperm production.  Children are more vulnerable and more sensitive to lead poisoning  than adults. A child who swallows large amounts of lead may develop  blood anemia, severe stomachache, muscle weakness, and brain damage.  These same clinical signs mimic other childhood illness. If a child  swallows smaller amounts of lead, much less severe effects on blood  and brain function may occur. Even at much lower levels of exposure,  lead can affect a child's mental and physical growth.  Exposure to lead is more dangerous for young and unborn children.  Unborn children can be exposed to lead through their mothers. Harmful  effects include premature births, smaller babies, decreased mental  ability in the infant, learning difficulties, and reduced growth in  young children. These effects are more common if the mother or baby  was exposed to high levels of lead. Some of these effects may persist  beyond childhood.  Lead in the groundwater may be an issue in this case. Lead can be  absorbed from the drinking water. In the US, the level of lead in the  water is allowed at less than 0.15 ml of lead per liter of water  (less than 0.15 ppm). A number of water filtration units such as  reverse osmosis can filter out the lead. If the situation is more  primitive than this, I am unsure what to treat a well with. Calcium  disodium EDTA has been used to treat people, and putting it into a  water well may work to bind it, but I have no data support. Certainly  using a water system that is not contaminated with lead is the best  option.  If this is a case of lead in the air, then it is appropriate to cover  the mouth and nose and to remove one's self from the area.  Lead has no known physiological function in the body. It can be  tested for in the blood, but chelators are necessary to help  eliminate the metal from the body. Effective chelators include  dimercapterol and succimer.  Portions of this comment have been extracted from:  <> - Mod.TG]"

Sweeping the Asarco El Paso secret haz-wastes under the rug....

" Redevelopment of the Asarco plant offers El Paso a bright future ...
By admin
Redevelopment of the Asarco plant in El Paso offers the city and the state of Texas the opportunity to take the lead in solar research. According to the El Paso Times, possible contamination of the 600-acre site will keep homes, ...
Gateway El Paso -"

"The EPA kept a secret from us for nearly 8 years, signing a confidential settlement document with ASARCO through the Federal Dept. of Justice. Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Reyes said that ASARCO paid MILLIONS on the condition that details of what it had done would never become public."

The SECRET? ASARCO had illegally burned unlabeled secret hazardous-wastes throughout the 1990's --- just to make money. God only knows what poisons remain here from that. No one will tell us. This whole ASARCO development saga is not about DISCLOSURE it is about CLOSURE of that site so that it can all be "swept under the rug".

As it is, the land has been exposed to God only knows what (ASARCO was accepting unlabeled stuff from both industrial and military sources!).

We the community wait for honest answers to our questions: how much radioactive lead (Polonium) is there? What other radioactive materials remain there and how much? What about dioxins - how much? Mercury? Beryllium? What has gotten into our water supply (it is in the Hueco bolson and the Rio Grande now)?

We want answers. What is the point of "developing" this land and stirring up the dusts next to our water supply (60% of our water passes right by ASARCO in an open-canal) until we know what we are dealing with??

Does ANYONE buy a bill of goods ("developing the site") without knowing exactly what they are being sold, first??"


"Google News Alert for: asarco

EDITORIAL: Asarco input: Citizens can influence zoning
Trading Markets (press release)
Citizens with concerns regarding new usage of contaminated Asarco smelter land will get what they ask for -- putting in their proverbial two cents worth. ..."

WHOSE LIABILITIES IS THE CITY OF EL PASO PROTECTING?  And will we all be smart enough to finally put a stop to this cover-up and demand honest answers? (see "Letter to Governor Richardson" in the SCRIBE documents section, along with the 13 exhibits).

City of El Paso sits back, March 2005 and allows the City/County Health and Environ. District Director to receive lifetime award -- after a lifetime of ignoring ASARCO toxins...

Back in 3/05 the Federal State Department said that IBWC American Dam workers by ASARCO and old-smeltertown could not get independent medical review in the entire region.   A worker told me that this has been going on for 30 years.  Meanwhile in March 2005...."Dr. Jorge Magaña, El Paso City-County Health and Environmental District Director, was awarded a 2005 Border Health Lifetime Achievement Award from the New Mexico Border Health Council at a banquet that was held April 22, 2005 in Las Cruces, NM. Dr. Magaña was honored for his work to improve health in the Paso del Norte Region in areas including ... Child Lead Poisoning Prevention." (from City of El Paso employee connection newsletter Issue 5 05/13/05).

also see "

January 20, 2005 -- A History Of El Paso’s Top Health Officials Failure To Protect Border Residents"

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

David K : more information on the "CLOSURE not DISCLOSURE" of the secretly-contaminated ASARCO el paso site's development-plans

Google Blogs Alert for: asarco
Refuse the Juice: Your Money + Your Thoughts = Profit for Out of ...
By David K
The El Paso Times's editorial page was awash with love for the City of El Paso's contract award of $606000 to Dover, Kohl & Partners for their help in planning what to do with the ASARCO site. A site, mind...
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