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Monday, June 27, 2011

Gelmore ALDEA smartcode ASARCO EL PASO development

The full plan for this Geltmore ALDEA development can be viewed at

ALDEA is being planned for extremely contaminated land by ASARCO El Paso
TX (East Helena MT ASARCO site is also now being rezoned for development).

The ALDEA developers may not be aware that their development is being
planned for land that is a stone's throw from the world's largest
unpermitted and illegally-operated toxic waste disposal operation
(1992-1998). This has been fully documented by the EPA to the Federal
DOJ in 1998 (publicly released in 2006 see 10/2006 NYTIMES story and 73
page confidential-for-settlement-purposes-only document detailing the
waste shipments) and again in a 2011 publicly-release copy of the 1994
ASARCO Supervisor's whistleblower report detailing the blatant receipt
and hiding and mixing of the poisons for shipment to the El Paso smelter
for burning.

This smelter may be CLOSED but the poisons remaining in the land around
it were never disclosed because the EPA made that 1998 secret agreement
with the Federal DOJ (For more information about these secret
agreements, see the recent Financial Times article covering hedge funds,
Horizon Shipping lines, the Federal DOJ and Asarco (use internal google

It is not prudent to build on the old ASARCO site and expose anyone to
the associated risks from those chemicals. Young college students have
not yet had children and their bodies, and future children will be
exposed to those risks. If any women living there are carrying unborn
infants, or raising young children - - those unborn and/or infants will
be disproportionately affected by the chemical toxins.

ASARCO had the worlds two LARGEST CONTOP Incinerators -- and ran these
hot and long from 1992-1998 spewing out incompletely-burned toxic and
hazardous wastes including radioactive material all that time.

We don't know why Walmart (or whomever owned that land) did not give the
developers full disclosure -- or, why our City of El Pasodid not do the
same (i.e. deliver the full chemical picture to the developers). Our
City and government would rather ignore the toxins than disclose these
to us -- but, slowly slowly the truth is coming out, and we know now
that PCB's are involved, dioxins, radioactive materials, mercury etc.

For copies of the documents about the contamination see this blog, or
look at the EPA ASARCO document page.

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