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Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Report of PCBs at ASARCO disputed" The Asarco dilemma makes the news in Encycle-Asarco Corpus Christi TX and at Asarco site in El Paso TX

In El Paso TX:
Report of PCBs at Asarco disputed
Commodity futures news: Report of PCBs at Asarco disputed, updated 2011-08-13 05:26:15. Watch for more news articles, provided throughout the day courtesy ..."

Additional Information:

  • Aroclor 1268 (heaviest of the PCB's) was also recently found at ENCYCLE-Asarco in Corpus Christi, TX.  This is not a common PCB and is a signature PCB for the Linden Chemicals and Plastics (LCP) EPA-Superfund-site in Brunswick, Georgia.  Aroclor 1268 " is a recognized developmental toxicant and exposure to it has the potential to negatively affect a developing baby." (see symptoms of Developmental toxicity -- Aroclor 1268 )
  • EPA and the Federal Dept. of Justice admitted in a 1998-confidential-for-settlement-purposes only 73 page document (uncovered/released to public domain by a schoolteacher and then covered 10/2006 by  NYTIMES) that Asarco had been running an unpermitted illegal (and secret) multi-state hazardous waste disposal operation for profit from at least 1992 through 1998 --- that the wastes first went to ENCYCLE-Asarco in Corpus Christi TX and then were shipped on to at least Asarco's smelters in El Paso TX and E. Helena, MT.  God only knows what terrible chemicals remain on those sites.  The communities have been demanding full disclosure from the EPA for years.
  • The Asarco Bankruptcy Court did not hold Asarco accountable for *any* of the illegal/secret haz-wastes disposed of between 1992 and 1998 even though the Sunland Park Grassroots Environmental Group (SPGEG) legally notified the DOJ Bankruptcy Trustee during the hearings that Asarco had handled massive amounts of these undisclosed chemicals and would have liability from such. Rep. Reyes said to the El Paso Times in 2006 that "Asarco had paid millions of dollars on the condition that the details of what it had done would never become public".

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