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Friday, May 20, 2011

ABC NEWS: "Tucson SWAT Team defends shooting Iraq Vet 60 Times" (just got off a 12 hour shift at the AZ ASARCO mine)

"Fwd: Google Alert - asarco
Tucson SWAT Team Defends Shooting Iraq Vet 60 Times
ABC News
"And the Pima County sheriff scolded the media for "questioning the legality" of the shooting. Jose Guerena, 26, died the morning of May 5. He was asleep in his Tucson home after working a night shift at the Asarco copper mine when his wife, Vanessa, ...
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

El Paso ASARCO: smartcode not so smart after all

An arsenic-expert in N.Carolina told me that he would not live next to a smelter - even a closed one - and leave any windows open.  You can't smell or taste arsenic, and even swamp coolers won't remove the smallest particles that go straight to the most inner places of our lungs.  El Paso TX has nearly 110 years of Arsenic deposited for 1000 square miles, and the worst of it is within ten miles of the smelter.  HUGE amounts of arsenic.

City Council just voted to make all the old ASARCO land and the WALMART-former-Asarco-land a "walking community".  This is the EPI-CENTER of 110 years of Arsenic-Land, across from a sewage plant, a Rock Quarry.  The poor Developer went from a traditional design to the smart-code "walkable community design" to please City Council. 

"If wishes made horses then poor men would ride" - and if wishes cleaned up Asarco then this smartcode could thrive...

However, because of the intense contamination all around for 10 miles-out-from-the-smelter, it should not have been zoned smart-code after all ---- because NO ONE SHOULD BE OUTSIDE.  It should be all motorized-traffic (no bicycles, walking, swimming outdoors), no windows open, no one outside EVER there -- refrigerated air and electrostatic filtered heated central air in winter.  

The Developer ought to get out now, before moving tons of dirt, and building according to "smartcode".  After all, it  is like planning a walkable community next to any hugely poisonous toxic no-man's land (Chernobyl comes to mind)  --- just not smart at all.

Asarco: nearly 1/2 Billion dollars available for Coeur d'Alene and only 55 million available for El Paso TX exposed to Asarco's secret haz-waste disposal operation

EPA funding will help assess proposed cleanup sites
Coeur d'Alene Press
"At this time, more than $494 million are available from the 2009 Asarco bankruptcy proceedings to help pay for environmental cleanup in the basin. ..."