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Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Paisano TX State Route 62 route that authorities want to build an 800 million$ elevated toll road over --- that is poisoned land. TCEQ has published a picture showing how the poisons from Asarco travel underground right beneath the cracked water canals, Paisano, old smeltertown, right to the Rio Grande the entire length of the Asarco property. To build the new highway requires drilling pylons deep into this contamination every 20 or 30 feet, and about the same distance down. This will expose workers to gases that can't be smelled, that are KNOWN to cause M.S.. I had told the people responsible for this project YEARS ago, face to face, that it was poisoned there and communities would suffer. They did not care. AT an MPO meeting, where Norma Cavez supported me, Chairman Rep. Pickett said "He would hold ASARCO's feet to the fire". Pickett never did. During the 2005 Asarco air permit hearing, a conservative kind businessman said to me, "You have the best interests at heart but are naive. Senator Shapleigh and those folks have no intention of really cleaning up Asarco -- all they want is the land". Eight years later we can see what is the truth of it. The love of money governs this whole mock-Asarco "cleanup", and the building of a toll highway where the poor will drive below, with the trucks and the poisons. Entire neighborhoods will be affected by this. Our water supply, now under new County control, will be affected by this. The poisons not only run under the ground at the beginning of the huge Hueco aquifer, but are on our mountains and lands --- those living within the EPA 3 mile zone get the worst exposure (even with Asarco closed); then those within 9 miles get the worst lead (Pb) exposure (including radioactive lead); and experts predict the worst to have contaminated out to 30 miles (1000 square miles) -- including radioactive particles. The smallest particles would have stayed in the skies for weeks, traveling hundreds of miles at least. This highway should not be built. WHEN will our news agencies wake up and start reporting on what the common person already knows, but the average middleclass worker who barely has time for the Newspaper and TV News, is totally unaware?

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