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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sunland Park NM to be sacrificed by asarco wastes, waste connections, even maybe el paso as if 2007 never happened...

Latest IBWC public meeting revealed that IBWC plans to dig up all the contaminated soil beneath them next to old Smelter town and ship it across the NM state line to dump in Waste Connection's Sunland Park Dump. This waste is extremely toxic. It contains radioactive particles. This is the dump that the small town residents tried to close to any out of state wastes and/or shut it down (2 week administrative hearing winter, unheated hall, 2 weeks before Christmas back in 2007. The residents who stuck it out day after day (9 am to 9 or 10 pm, Monday through Saturday)against 3 law firm groups were petition-residents from anapra mexico (Mariana Chew would sit in for them at times), Taylor Moore, esq., Robert Ardovino, Luz Vargus, Heather McMurray. Also City of Sunland Park. We showed strong evidence about how there is a surface fault running from the waste water pond across the rio grande, and that the chief engineer could not correctly testify how the leachate (waste) collection system needed to have liners installed at certain distances--- strongly suggesting that the leachate/chemical waste collection system does not work correctly and it runs into the pond, which may act as an unofficial injection well. In 2007 they were collecting only gallons of liquids from their leachate "catch" system, claiming it was a dry desert environment....... This is the dump that during the hearing was demonstrated to be concentrating radioactive radium (which gives off radon gas). The waste connections company flew their chief attorney (V.P.) out for the remainder of the trial. He was taller than anyone in the room, wore an impeccable long black (cashmere?) coat, and had a head cold. They spent much money on witnesses, providing an expert witness who worked to remove anthrax from buildings (former NYC Mayor Guliani's company), did only a literature search, claimed he had made assumption that nothing radioactive could have been in the dump, and that if the government said something then it must be true... when he testified he had the unfortunate condition where his head would randomly pull his face over to his shoulder, in a regrettable muscle tic or spasm. When we pointed out he had done no community health assessment, that no peer reviewed health assessment had ever been done, and his work was a literature review, he got angry. Now, five years later, waste connections again wants to stop flow control in el paso, have that El Paso TX waste go to their dump next to the tiny elementary school in tiny Sunland Park, New Mexico; and, also accept the IBWC asarco dirt. What people may not know is that thousands of tons of asarco zinc plant EPA-remediation debris concrete and dirt went to the Camino real dump around 2001: the admin. Judge and opposing law firms would only allow around five pages of that testimony into the record in 2007.

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