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Friday, April 12, 2013

Talked with County Judge office and then an attorney at the County Attorney's office.   The County does not believe that they had the jurisdiction ("right") to stop the demolition until after the Spring Storm windy season to protect public health, despite UTEP research by prominent scientists showing the dangers of the asarco/industrial re-suspended dusts here to the elderly, children, the ill.
Or the knowledge that after a chemical event like this there is a subtle 4 month die-off by that same demographic group (sick, old, very young) who are susceptible (Dr. D. Davis "when smoke ran like  water".

We can only pray that God will protect us with no winds for months, so that the people of old anapra mexico, anapra sunland Park and this region will be protected until the rebar is removed from all the concrete and the debris is covered.   But it will not protect us from the dusts that will escape and rest on our mountains until the next winds....

enticing children to view ASARCO STACKS demolition from near La Calvera (Trustee had offered to put those folks up in hotels that day)

Is it really true that there are jumping balloons being set up off of the Asarco stacks demolition dignitary viewing site on Executive drive?

Who is doing this --- enticing children to be within the one mile range of the site, near the demolition, when their body size to surface ratio is so great, and arsenic is absorbed (particularly arsenate) into their skin, lungs, their mouths/hands from the playing in the balloon --- and we and the Trustee know as FACT that arsenic exposure is dangerous, and for children it can cause M.S. when they grow up (Messita school study).  They are also claiming to be taking down the lead smelter.

I cannot believe that the demolition teams/contractors/trust would encourage children to view this like that.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Trustee hedging the truth?

Fugitive Dusts at Sunland Park and current Asarco demolition schedule
(email correspondence)

Roberto Puga
8:34 AM (2 hours ago)

Dear Ms. McMurray,

Thank you once again for your interest in the ASARCO project.

As is explained in detail on our website (here: ) the Trust has implemented an array of dust control measures to minimize the dust from the demolition.  Additionally, we have collected core samples from the stacks that show that the constituents of the stack concrete do not pose a danger.

The demolition plan has been prepared has been reviewed and accepted by both EPA and TCEQ (please see news article quoting TCEQ and EPA here: ).

We have assembled a world class team of contractors to perform the demolition, who have decades of experience on high profile projects such as the ASARCO site.  We are confident we have done all we can to perform the demolition in as safe a manner as possible.


Roberto Puga, P.G.
T:(714) 388-1802

Dear Mr Puga,
You still did not answer my question about face masks and ratings.

" Additionally, we have collected core samples from the stacks that show that the constituents of the stack concrete do not pose a danger."

That is impossible that the constituents so not pose a danger.   Why do you persist in saying that to the public?

We have enough peer reviewed published research to show that what you are doing --- and in the windy season -- is dangerous to public health; and, possibly up to 4 months after the event.

East Helena MT TV station recently replayed the footage of their stack demolitions ---- done by the same firm (Dykon, hired by you and Brandenburg) and there is a huge amount of dust just from that.

project Navigator will be breaking up the pieces of asbestos containing concrete from our stacks to manually pull out the rebar.

You should not have scheduled this demolition (see KVIA's recent weather interview about our spring storms)  during the time of our spring storms because of fugitive dusts.

Hmcmurray, ms biology

ps. followed up with personal phone call.  Trustee insists that they found no asbestos in the concrete. (there are several ways to test and several kinds of asbestos -- some tests will not show it). Said that workers will be breaking up the concrete, shaking it off the rebar to recover this metal, and that the workers will be wet, since they are working under dust control (water) protocol.  He said that they did not incinerate any samples when testing for radiation.  He would not comment on his incorrect comment to the public stating that slag is safe.  He would not give me an official chain of custody sample of the stack concrete -- absolutely refused.  Would not comment on him, the epa, the tceq absolutely refusing to give us an official chain of custody sample from the water distillation unit's slag (from its fire) that was rated to remove radioactive wastes.  Would not comment on the FACT that Asarco and two other companies caught sending illegal stuff to asarco (MASSIVE quantities) were US Dept. of Energy high level radioactive waste disposal  contractors and we were never told.  ever.  Would not comment on the hafnium data (found in nuclear control rods).
I thanked him for covering the american canal (our drinking water) for the demolition.   I hope that before the road closures citizens go out and get photos.

p.p.s.  Trustee lied by omission and did not explain that they covered only a partial section of the american canal in the IBWC area, and they did not cover (as of thursday) ANY of the drinking water flowing past asarco's stacks between Paisano and Asarco, in an open canal.   By the way, where will all that 500,000 gallons of jet-propelled water drain to?  Can the Asarco contrainment ponds contain this?  Rubber Lakes was never officially repaired after being shored up after the 2006 collapse of the side of it.  All that ran off into our drinking water at the entrance of Asarco.....

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hello, Mr Puga,
as I notified (by voice) Brandenburg's project manager, demolishing the stacks during the middle of our spring windy season is not protective of Public health.

UTEP has done research on the fugitive dusts (dusts stirred up again and again over time by winds) in the Sunland Park area caused by a single point source, Asarco, and said that these hurt people.

Why on earth are you and these contractors ignoring our public health to take down the stacks, dump the large stack into a hazardous waste arroyo next to it, and then break the asbestos concrete up to pull out the rebar ---- when it is our windy season?!

See KVIA link above.

You have said that the one project mgr will leave the same day and you will leave 2 days later.  Neither of you will be exposed the next four months constantly to these new fugitive dusts.

Delay the demolition or be known as the man who did not care about Public health, the principles as explained in the fugitive dust research paper (UTEP)

Most of the people I have talked with have already stated that the TRUST/Project navigator in continuing this blast-date despite all the UTEP research, show that they do not care about our public health.

What a shame, since it means people will get sick for 4 months after this event (if you need the reference call me), and it could be mitigated by delay until after the windy season.

On Sat. morning, Mr Puga (project navigator) contracted Brandenburg Industrial services to contract Dykon demolition company to blow up both Asarco stacks.  Yesterday we had 50 MPH winds.  These winds pick up dirt into the air which are called "fugitive dusts".  When these dusts have chemicals in them that are bad for us, it hurts Public health.  Particularly it affects the elderly, ill and young.  Those people with asthma or c.o.p.d. are especially susceptible.

After the largest stack comes down it will fall into an arroyo feeding the Rio Grande, right on top of our aquifers.  This hazardous waste dump will be on top of a forty year old liner that may not last that long.   Workers will be taking the rebar out of the stack pieces.  It will make smaller pieces that despite water sprays can over many months become airborne dusts ---- fugitive dusts.

so why are these companies refusing to delay demolition until after the windy season??

(see KVIA channel 7 el paso tx current online video story about the spring windy season with weather reporter John Fausett, story from april 8 and