Friday, November 13, 2009

Scientists can find Water on the Moon but not ASARCO Toxic Waste in El Paso

It has been  three Years since the Federal Dept. of Justice made public an EPA/Asarco confidential settlement document detailing how Asarco (El Paso, TX and E. Helena MT) secretly burned military and industrial wastes for profit --- and, U.S.A. scientists cannot tell the community what poisons were left here.

Yet, scientists can track water down to the ATOM on the moon. 

"There is water on the Moon, scientists stated unequivocally on Friday...."The water findings came through an analysis of the slight shifts in color after the impact, showing telltale signs of water molecules that had absorbed specific wavelengths of light. “We got good fits,” Dr. Colaprete said. “It was a unique fit.” The scientists also saw colors of ultraviolet light associated with molecules of hydroxyl, consisting of one hydrogen and one oxygen, presumably water molecules that had been broken apart by the impact and then glowed like neon signs."

El Paso ASARCO illegally and secretly burned Toxic waste for years

"RCRA makes it a crime for a person to knowingly treat, store or dispose of
hazardous waste without a permit. 42 U.S.C. § 6928(d)(2)."

So why isn't someone in Jail, after El Paso ASARCO (and E. Helena MT Asarco)  illegally and secretly burned Toxic waste for years?

And, why is there a Swiss Bank named ASARCO A.G. (Asarco S.A., Asarco Inc.)??

Why won't the Federal DOJ Bankruptcy Trustee require that the Bankruptcy Court considers ALL liabilities for ASARCO -- i.e. the liabilities from years of secretly burning military and industrial toxic wastes for profit?

What in the heck is going on?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Selenium groundwater data Asarco El Paso 8/09

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taken from data at

Re: Is there selenium data for Asarco El Paso?

The sampling data is currently on the ASARCO web page.  The direct link to the sampling page is http://www.tceq.state.tx.us/remediation/sites/water.
Lorinda D Gardner
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
El Paso Regional Director

<<11/11/2009 2:06 PM >>>
Hi, Lorinda,
Please see the article below about selenium in E. Helena.  They also handled and burned the illegal and secret toxic wastes during the 1990's.

Is this data available on the recent disk you mentioned? 

I have not gotten a copy.

[name removed]

Google News Alert for: Asarco

Report: Arsenic in East Helena water came from soil, not smelter
The Missoulian
Asarco Environmental Manager Jon Nickel says the residential wells showed an average of 9.6 parts per billion of arsenic - just under federal drinking water ...
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our troops now protected against breathing toxic wastes from open burn pits

"Rep. Tim Bishop, Democrat of New York, and Rep. Carol Shea Porter, Democrat of New Hampshire....successfully lobbied for the inclusion of provisions to limit the use of these toxic pits in the National Defense Authorization Act, which the president will sign into law this afternoon. Under this new law,open-air burning of medical and hazardous waste will be prohibited except where the Defense secretary deems there is no alternative, the DOD must justify the use of burn pits to Congress, and it will develop a plan to eliminate the use of burn pits entirely."[http://www.shea-porter.house.gov/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=380&Itemid=67]

Asarco-paid-contractor says that E. Helena Arsenic in the water doesn't come from Asarco...

What was that classic line in the Erin Brochovich movie?  When the housewife sits down with Erin, who had just told her the water-data-results?   The housewife looked confused and said something about how the company men had sat at her table and told her that her water was completely safe.... then, she looked out through her window at her children swimming in the pool and she ran crying out into the yard, yelling for her children to get out of the water.

Iver Johnson, who is heading the onsite cleanup effort for the state Department of Environmental Quality, said nearly 30,000 tons of hazardous waste have been removed from the site this year."

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Report: Arsenic in East Helena water came from soil, not smelter
The Missoulian
Asarco Environmental Manager Jon Nickel says the residential wells showed an average of 9.6 parts per billion of arsenic - just under federal drinking water ...
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Monday, November 9, 2009

TCEQ Permits may not comply with Federal Requirements....

"Until such time as the TCEQ adopts rules, submits them to the EPA for SIP review, and receives EPA SIP approval, any action taken on pending applications which are implicated in Federal Register notices may result in additional permitting requirements or enforcement in the future because of the uncertainty of EPA action on the proposed Federal Register disapproval notices. The TCEQ is working expeditiously to address the Federal Register notices to resolve federal enforceability concerns."


E.Helena Air safe from ASARCO stack demolition? Have they DISCLOSED THE SECRET TOXIC WASTES THEN?!

Yeah, and the EPA etc. all said that ASARCO had not burned secret hazardous wastes -- and then in 2006 a DOJ attorney released a confidential-for-settlement-purposes-only EPA document about ASARCO... and, we found out from this document (it was SEALED FOR 8 YEARS) that the EPA and DOJ had known ALL THAT TIME that Asarco El Paso and E. Helena MT had burned illegal and secret toxic wastes for profit for years...

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Air Quality Report from ASARCO Smokestack Demolition Revealed
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By KFBB News Team It has been nearly three months since three ASARCO smokestacks were demolished in East Helena, and now results of an air quality report ...
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