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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Back in 2006 Potomac River neighborhood discovered that Charles County was dumping radioactive Polonium (common around smelters) into wastewater effluent

"Charles County Government Is Dumping Radioactive Waste Into Potomac!
It is being done by the CHARLES COUNTY GOVERNMENT by the choice of the CHARLES COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. A neighborhood discovered radioactivity in its water, and upon further testing it was found to be POLONIUM, which is 5000 times more radioactive than radium, which took the life of Madame Curie, who discovered both elements. From my internet research, 6.8 TRILLIONTHS of a gram is carcinogenic. A gram is about the weight of a small paper clip.

The county could have dug another well, until they found one without polonium (the stuff is very rare) but instead chose to use a $300K filtration system that is expensive to operate to filter the water (which still leaves significant amounts in the drinking water, but below EPA standards). THEN, they will truck the radioactive waste to the Mattawoman Wastewater treatment plant, and dump it UNTREATED into the effluent stream that goes into the Potomac.

I wrote a private letter to the Commissioners giving them 15 days to reverse their decision, and telling them that I would publicly applaud them if they did the right thing. I also told them that after 15 days, I would do whatever I could to stop them, including going public, and whatever else it takes. On the 19th day, I had no response at all, so I FILED SUIT AGAINST THE COUNTY, claiming that it violates the zoning ordinance, and asking for an injunction.

For more, please see the Md. Independent article below:

If you are concerned, I would like tohear from you. Thanks.

Kurt Wolfgang

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